About Me

 Linda Lawson is experienced in marketing and sales, raising beautiful healthy "well adjusted" grown ups, ;-) mixed media art, illustration, procreate on the iPad, murals, art with many kinds of medium.

I illustrate LIFE! Mine, and all the other beautiful, real, strange, crazy things I see out of MY EYES, with my iPad pro, pencil, sketch pad and markers. It all depends where and when I am allowed a few “stolen” moments of joy! I sketch in church, as he preaches, I sketch as I watch TV, when I’m hanging out with friends, in a random restaurant/bar. I’m loving this new life I’ve been lead to!

I’m a student of people, expressions, body language, etc. I’m having fun drawing and illustrating the funny/insightful thoughts! Maybe someone can learn from my dumbass mistakes, and laugh, love and feel better about themselves, or others in enjoying my art!

Also… I’m FINALLY learning that what other people think about me is none of my business and actually, I really don’t give a F$*@= about it either. Which is so very freeing!

My wish is that I could teach younger women to start their lives with this feeling, instead of being my age and still feeling that way!

This Blog and artwork is created to sell my artwork, connect with my customers to share fun and interesting tips, information and helpful advice on art, raising kids and life, as I know have experienced.