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Putting yourself first

We are raised to be polite. Let guests go first, think of yourself last. Don’t cut in line, etc. Somewhere along the line, I suppose I lost the memo to put myself in line at all. To treat myself with respect and to teach others how to treat me, as well. Because I didn’t know how to put myself first.

Before now, I have been putting everyone and everything before me. Even to the point of, I felt I had to finish all the chores in the house, take care of all the menial tasks, and anyone that stopped by or called on me to do them a “favor”, before my goals for building my business. Why? Because it was MY goal, MY business, so… it wasn’t, in my mind as important as theirs. I was putting myself last.

What was I doing??? God gave me this talent! He gave me my directions in what I am to do, in starting this business, becoming successful to share my gifts and ideas. He has a purpose for me! I am dishonoring HIM, I’m not putting myself last, I’m putting God last! That is not OK.

As of now, my priorities are different! I will, of course continue to serve my family, and be available for dire emergencies, during work hours, but, other than that… work hours are sacred to my business and I will focus on building this business and doing what God guides me to do, every day.