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OK That happend

I’m so tired of being quiet!!!

I try and talk to people, the ones they claim are my friends. Humh….
I told her everything, and all I get is everything I have ever told her thrown back


How many heartaches do you have to endure, before you catch on to this concept?! answer some big questions:

The phrase'“split the baby” recorded at 1 Kings 3:16-18 of two mothers claiming before King Solomon that each was the real m other of an infant son. The wise king ordered that the baby be split in two, with one-half of the baby going to each mother. The first mother’s position was to accept the king’s judgment as fair, and the second’s was to give the baby to the first. Whereupon the king determined that the infant son obviously belonged to the second, as evidenced by her willingness to sacrifice her own self-interest for the good of the child, as a true mother would. The wise king thus deployed a clever approach to discover the veracity of one party over the other.

My reasoning in leaving the shop was based on the above. Due to my BOTH of our mistakes the shop was in a bad financial position. She was in a better financial position to pull it out. I was not. My family circumstances were, also in such a terrible situation, that it needed my full attention.

I did my best to leave the place and partner with all the information and everything as best I could.

Now, SHE has spread told lies about, that I stole, and who know what else. I left files for the shop that I made, for her to use, to make it easier. She found my personal photos, and exploited them, and made fun of, to many people!

When we decided she would leave and I stayed, I gave her everything she needed/wanted from the shop. Didn’t say anything about the things she “took”, even. Did I “trash” her to everyone? Did I let her BF know about the Facebook DM’s between her and her ex-BF?? That she forgot to close out, before she left. Even though the BF was so hateful and abusive to me? No! Did I say hateful things to her, NO.

To me, it’s just all heartbreaking. But, it seems she enjoyed the win. That’s fine. My dream of the shop, with the vendors, building up local business women, working together, helping each other become successful, lives on. My wish that they will thrive and keep becoming more successful! Was it hers?? NO!!! I hope it is now.

Did I do all the things she is saying? NO! If you actually knew me, which, it really pains me that people don’t, and were a friends, that I really thought we were, you would know the answer! This breaks my heart.

So, yes, I’ve had a really hard time dealing with all of that, in addition to the lies that have been told about me. I’ve tried to be quiet about it, and move on.

On top of being “forced” to take care of my real father that was never “there” for me, and now I am “at his beck and call” and solely responsible for his needs.

That’s what I have been up to… MOVING FORWARD, Doing art, starting over, working through pain, letting go, learning about past trauma and working through that. Doing art.