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Ask for the sale

What does it take to get over your fear and ask for the sale? 

I have been in sales all of my life. In my first sales job interview the boss asked me, what experience do you have in sales? Well, I had none, of course. But, I bluffed, acted my way through the interview, because I needed the job. I had three babies at the time and I was single, and we were broke. But I didn’t show my hand.

How I did it I don’t know, God was there then, and he is here now, I just forget sometimes. I said, “Yes, I’ve had experience! Have you ever convinced someone to do something you to do things or get things they don’t want or know they want to do? Your parents? Your spouse? Your children? That is sales! I made him laugh and agree with me, and I got the job! That’s all sales is! You believe in your product, or you wouldn’t be investing yourself, money and time into it, right? 

Remove the “I don’t deserve” piece out of it. Your family deserves the money! God gave you the talent, honor Him by sharing your talents as He is directing.

How do I know how you feel you ask??? Because I feel the exact same way and I am talking to myself.    

I’m talkin’ To Me…and you!