• Mirroring

    It’s is the art of making the other person feel heard, to tease out the “information” you want from them, to get your way. Letting the other side have your way.
  • Putting yourself first

    We are raised to be polite. Let guests go first, think of yourself last. Don’t cut in line, etc. Somewhere along the line, I suppose I lost the memo to put myself in line at all. To treat myself with respect and to teach others how to treat me, as well. Because I didn’t know how to put myself first.
  • Ask for the sale

    Remove the “I don’t deserve” piece out of it. Your family deserves the money! God gave you the talent, honor Him by sharing your talents as He is directing.
  • Fitting In

    My whole life I have always felt like I have never fit in anywhere. In church, in school, or at work. Yes, I have wonderful friends, that I would d...